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Helping Victims of  Storm, Tornado or
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dealing with Insurance Bad Faith

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Insurance Bad Faith

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Wrongful Insurance Claim Denial Advocates Helping Homeowners And Business Owners Nationwide

People buy insurance policies so they can receive benefits if a covered event occurs.  When they do not receive the coverage they paid for, they may elect to file a insurance bad faith claim.  Insurance law requires that every claim be handled fairly and reasonably.  When an insurance company fails to honor this obligation, the policyholder may have legal recourse.



The following are the most common types of bad faith tactics used by the insurance industry:

  • Delayed investigation, or analysis of claims
  • Denial of benefits for medical care costs
  • Improper, or under valuation of property losses
  • Unreasonable or bullying type settlement tactics on the part of an insurance company
  • Refusal to give insurance coverage on a claim that should have been covered
  • Errors or omissions on the part of your insurance agent

Every insurance policy includes an implicit or explicit promise of fair dealing and good faith.  If you believe your insurance company has unfairly denied you, and you want to discuss whether you have a valid claim, please call us now.


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