Bad Faith


Helping Victims of  Storm, Tornado or
Hurricane Damage  who are
dealing with Insurance Bad Faith

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Insurance Bad Faith

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About Us

The Insurance Bad Faith Complaint Center's parent group Americas Watchdog is one of the best known consumer advocacy groups in the United States. We have created the Insurance Bad Faith Complaint Center because of the need to help, and assist the widest array of homeowners, or business owners dealing with their insurance company, when it refuses to pay what seems like a reasonable claim, after a storm, or a hurricane. We learned first hand about insurance bad faith after Hurricane Katrina. We are advocates, so once we get the facts from the homeowner, or business owner, we go to work in the hopes we can obtain the best possible outcome for the insured. We will deliver on our commitments.

Americas Watchdog, or its affiliates have been featured in Newsweek Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, the Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph of London, CNN Money, CBS MarketWatch, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Good Housekeeping Magazine, or on CNN, NPR, and numerous other media outlets. 





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